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Claudia Harrington: Psychic, Clairvoyant, Tarot Reader, Channel, Therapist, Spiritual Counselor     Claudia Harrington is a gifted, professional psychic and clairvoyant in Ashland, Oregon who has been giving readings for over 30 years both in person and over the telephone.  She is an  accurate, sensitive, and insightful psychic.  Claudia's readings  cover a wide variety of personal issues such as Love/Romance, Money/ Jobs/ Career, Travel/Moving, and Health.  Some people are also seeking spiritual counseling, insight into personal problems, past life information, or issues with spirits.  Her psychic readings focus on predictions.  She also advises how to handle and change what is in the future if that is warranted.

     Claudia has experienced psychic phenomena all her life.  As a child she saw and communicated with spirits.  She always had a psychic sense about different aspects of her life.  Claudia Harrington also has a Master's Degree in Counseling from the University of Wisconsin.  Her psychic/clairvoyant abilities make her a very outstanding therapist.  And her counseling background as well as 30 years of spiritual development gives great depth to her psychic readings.

     If you would like more information about her work, please click on the above pages.  You may also contact Claudia for further information or to set an appointment by calling her at
541-897-0278.  You can also email her at charri108@aol.com