In a Channeling psychic reading, Claudia first gives a general reading for the year.  After this she will move into the channeling state.  When Claudia channels, her personality self
steps aside to allow a combination of her higher self and a being of Light that she believes
is connected to the Brotherhood/Sisterhood of Light.  

     During the Channeling, Claudia will, of course, cover any questions asked.  But if one
is going to ask very practical questions about the future such as about jobs or relationships,
the regular hour and half hour readings discussed on the previous page would probably be sufficient.  If, however, one has more in depth questions in which he/she is looking to get
insight into a problem, looking for personal or spiritual counseling, or interested in global
issues, the channeling might be more appropriate.

     Channeling sessions are generally an hour long, but could go over this time.  They are
also recorded.  Channeling readings are $150 or $125 per session if one purchases a  
series of 3 sessions (some people like to do a series if they want to work on a personal
issue such as changing patterns about money or self esteem etc.).  These sessions may 
be done in person or over the telephone.

     Sessions are done by appointment.  You may call 541-897-0278 to make an appointment.  You may also contact Claudia by email at